Denon HEOS Bar review

We prefer not to break it to you, however your TV sounds awful. Any semblance of Samsung, LG and Sony will never let it be known, however everybody realizes that sound quality was relinquished completely in the quest for the ever-compliment TV.

Prompt the HEOS Bar (a brand 'by Denon'), a substantial and melodic 1.1m-long soundbar outlined not exclusively to convey back some bass to your orgy viewing, yet in addition the likelihood of multi-room.

And keeping in mind that that may influence you to feel like the $480/£569/AU$1300 Denon Heos sounds a bit excessively comparable, making it impossible to the Sonos Playbar, Denon's wound at multi-room varies in two principle ways. Initially, it utilizes HDMI, and besides, it sounds marvelous.


The HEOS Bar is intended to be matched with 50-to 55-inch TVs. Estimating 72x1100x148 mm and weighing 4.8kg, one end contains a couple of welcome hard-catches, (for example, a volume rocker and an off switch), while an opening on the back games four HDMI data sources and one yield.

These numerous HDMI ports are imperative as they empower the soundbar to act like a HDMI exchanging center point, so you can append the greater part of your sources, (for example, a set-top box or diversions comfort) to the HEOS Bar.
Is Denon pursuing the home silver screen fan? It appears to be in this way, in light of the fact that the HEOS Bar additionally bargains in Dolby TrueHD (however not Dolby Atmos) and DTS-high definition Master Audio. All things considered, on the off chance that you require this, there are additionally optical and coaxial sound jacks on board.

Nonetheless, similarly as imperative is its capacity to get from gushing music stages.

The nearness of Spotify is guaranteed, however the HEOS additionally gets all organizations around (counting lossless sound arrangements like FLAC and WAV in quality up to 24-bits/192kHz) from Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Napster, and web radio by means of TuneIn.

What consolidates the entire idea is the HEOS application, which handles logins to spilling destinations and can control what music is played (and in which room, in the event that you have more HEOS adapt).

For those needing to join retro contraptions, the HEOS Bar likewise has a 3.5mm jack, and a USB space for embeddings a USB stick (which it can play music from). In any case, once the HEOS Bar has been set-up, them two are far excessively troublesome, making it impossible to reach to be of any utilization.


Or maybe shrewdly the HEOS Bar has been composed so it can be mounted either underneath a divider mounted TV, or before one roosted on a table while looking completely fine in the two positions (in spite of it being kinda topsy turvy when on a table). Utilizing two or three clasps in the case you can raise it simply over the surface, however that could cover a TV's screen.

Once in position, setting up its extremely essential systems administration measurement is either a wired or a remote issue. Since it was ideal beside a switch in our home, we wired it in.

After it has an association with the web, the HEOS Bar is about HDMI, which makes it appear a substantially more genuine item than the PlayBar. After you've set it before a TV, run a HDMI link from the back of the HEOS Bar to an Audio Return Channel-perfect (ARC) HDMI opening on your TV. Occupation done.

Despite the fact that a little palm-sized remote is provided, it's the HEOS application that demonstrates a vital piece of making this soundbar so agreeable to utilize. And additionally streamlining the underlying setup, and filling in as a center to enter different passwords for Spotify and so forth by means of an obligatory HEOS account (does anybody need yet another irregular online record?), the application enables the telephone to go about as the volume control.

Regardless of whether you're staring at the TV and utilizing your telephone, or tuning in to music and picking which track to play straightaway, controlling the sound with the volume catches on a telephone feels extremely common. That application incorporates some essential changes to the device music settings and furthermore controls what your music plays in which zone, on the off chance that one have different kinds of HEOS equip connected.

Be that as it may, what I liked most about the application was the tender loving care. Not exclusively does it permit the renaming of your speaker, however the title of the present tune turns into a basic piece of the application's interface. That is smooth.



With its nine drivers are organized in trios for left, focus and right channels and a virtual encompass mode to make the dream of having more speakers around the room, the HEOS Bar is practically whatever you need it to be.

However, truly, a great many people will utilize it in this fundamental as-it-comes 3.0 outline with the goal that's what we tried it as.

Favored with such an adjusted soundscape, the HEOS Bar demonstrated quickly capable with music, and has a reliably warm yet refined sound quality that is all its own. The way that it does not have the chance to change the sound settings isn't as essential as we had dreaded. Music sounds eminent, particularly tunes, of which HEOS drags out a great deal of detail. In any case, we noticed on two or three events that the main  large portion of a moment was short melodies.

In spite of the fact that it additionally achieves unimaginable volumes, it's really getting it done on the off chance that one sit close, in light of the fact that at exactly that point do you have the chance to hear the arrangement of individual instruments in the blend. That is to a great extent in light of the fact that remaining nearby get amazing width from stereo music, however it's nearly as great with a film soundtrack when sat assist away.

In a couple of days of ordinary use, we tuned in to significantly more music than we ordinarily would – dependably a decent sign – and found the most valuable sound mode to be the discourse enhancer, which gives three choices for giving discourse greater clearness. It was extremely helpful when sitting in front of the TV, and a few movies.

We had no grumblings about bass for a large portion of what I viewed, yet high-octane films do sound somewhat level. So realize that a remote HEOS Sub subwoofer is likewise accessible, which makes a 3.1 framework. Or then again, in case you're settled on making a 'legitimate' 5.1 home silver screen, you can likewise include a few HEOS 1 HS2 raise speakers.

Last decision

As somebody who's dependably thought the Sonos PlayBar was misrepresented as far as sound quality, the HEOS Bar demonstrated something of a disclosure.

As any cutting edge home diversion should, obviously, but then the HEOS Bar lacks a couple of comforts: The application is amazing, yet it doesn't present numerous chances to change the sound settings. We additionally got rather irritated that the USB space is covered at the back with alternate intricate details, and was an agony to utilize (it would go extraordinary on the right-hand side alongside the volume catches).

Those little issue aside, the HEOS Bar is a great home stimulation operational hub brandishing tolerable looks. It's anything but difficult to utilize, and gloats a lot of melodic capacity. As far as the genuinely low quality soundbar advertise, it has couple of contenders.

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