How to Start Snail Business

West Africa is home to the biggest types of land snail on the planet. The Giant African land snail (Achatina species), is known to grow up to 30cm long and can be found in the thick tropical rain timberlands over the area from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana to Nigeria.

For many years, Africa's hunger for snails has been served through customary means. Snails handpicked from the hedge (more often than not in the dead of the night) have been the best way to get snails to the market and supper table.

Be that as it may, as Africa's populace detonates and our woods keep on being yielded to construct urban communities, the (shrubbery) supply of snails can't stay aware of the taking off request.

This has made an open door in the market for snail reproducers and agriculturists who presently develop these intriguing animals on little ranches and in their terraces for noteworthy benefits.

How about we discover how quick these moderate creatures can acquire money… .

In the first place, the amazing example of overcoming adversity of an African snail agriculturist…

Snail cultivating is a specialty and uncommon business and fruitful snail agriculturists like Nigeria's Ismail Abdulazeez are getting a charge out of the colossal prizes of this lucrative yet minimal known wander.

In his meeting with CNN (see video beneath), Ismail, who develops snails in huge confines in his patio, shares his experience rearing snails for benefit.

His prized items wind up in a portion of the kitchens of top of the line lodgings in Lagos where they are inventively used to plan scrumptious African dishes.

Snails are an extraordinary delicacy, and in light of current circumstances as well…

Snails are an enormous piece of the eating regimen in numerous parts of Africa, despite the fact that they are not generally reasonable and accessible lasting through the year. Their high protein, low fat and cholesterol content make them a nourishing top choice.

Snails contain all the amino acids required by the body and the greater part of its side-effects are utilized for beautifiers and prescriptions.

As our populace turns out to be more intrigued by more advantageous living and low-cholesterol slims down, snails will turn into a prevalent other option to all the greasy and non-sound meats that surge our business sectors these days. They are substantially less expensive than red meat with more noteworthy medical advantages to finish everything!

Snails have, for quite a while, been a mainstream and repeating thing on the menus of inns, eateries and bars where they frequently include as bubbled, singed and spiced kebabs. They are likewise an awesome expansion to soups and stews which are a huge piece of most African dishes.

snail luxuries and dishes

Delicious African indulgences including the Giant African snail (photograph credits:;

Market Opportunities for Snail Farming in Africa

The greater part of the snails provided to the African market are assembled from hedges and backwoods amid the stormy season (more often than not amongst April and September).

Since snails are exceptionally torpid amid the dry season, they turn out to be progressively rare amid this period and the market is famished of sufficient supply until the following wet season. This influences the supply of snails exceptionally occasional in numerous parts of Africa where they to fill in as nourishment.

As an outcome, snails can bring considerably higher costs amid the dry season (December to March) when supply frequently does not stay aware of interest.

Snails may go on break amid the dry seasons however the human hunger for its taste dependably remains, and keeps on developing consistently. What's more, to surmise that few celebrations occur amid the dry season (Christmas et al), settles on this a first decision agribusiness.

Because of consistently developing interest from clients, lodgings and eateries are dependably needing snail treats on their menus. What's more, given the critical upside to the benefits that can be made, it bodes well to take most extreme preferred standpoint of this market when the supply of snails is altogether short.

There is likewise developing interest in Europe for monster African snails. Aside from their awesome taste, numerous individuals abroad get a kick out of the chance to keep them as pets and tokens because of their sheer size (I was amazed as well!). However, it doesn't mind, you are probably going to be exceptionally bustling fulfilling the neighborhood request to fret over fares.

Notwithstanding, it's still great to realize that such remote market openings exist for this independent venture. In case you're occupied with trades, you could read up the How to fare to the USA and Europe segment of our Dried and Smoked fish send out article.

snail cultivating - street dealers

Mammoth African snails are a mainstream locate on Africa's interstate and transnational expressways (photograph credit: Frans Lanting)

Achievement tips for trying Snail cultivating in Africa

As a Smallstarter, your essential objective ought to be to exploit the regularity of this market keeping in mind the end goal to increase premium costs for your snails. Focus on the top of the line clients (inns, eateries and families) who can bear to pay a premium for a consistent supply of the item.

On the off chance that you supply throughout the entire year, you are probably going to win lesser amid the stormy seasons (when supply is in wealth) and more in the dry seasons (when the item is rare).

You could purchase economically from the towns and other remote territories while the supply is up amid the stormy season and keep up a sound load of huge snails that you can release on your clients when supply falls in the dry season.

snail cultivating - snail sellerBut to accomplish this, there is a critical condition. The span of your snails must be vast and sufficiently threatening to order an exceptional (high) cost.

For this to happen, you should begin your snail cultivate with the correct species (the Giant African compose) and guarantee that you apply legitimate rearing, stocking and encouraging practices to accomplish the colossal sizes that will make you a profoundly looked for after provider.

In the event that your snails are reproduced well, they should begin to achieve advertise measure from six to a year, albeit a few ranchers get a kick out of the chance to leave theirs for any longer. (photograph credit:

Directly, in excess of 90 percent of the snails provided to our nearby markets are picked from the timberlands. While this has been the customary supply source, our developing populace and rising country to urban relocation rates make it unsustainable.

A counterfeit intercession like snail cultivating is the best way to fulfill the developing interest. What's more, as long as a gigantic lump of the market relies upon snails caught in the wild, it's not possible for anyone to guarantee an enduring and steady supply of huge snails like a rancher who breeds snails in his/her terrace!
A few things you ought to consider before you begin a snail cultivate…

snail cultivating - test snail farmIn terms of cost and time, snail cultivating is a generally safe business. Not at all like numerous other domesticated animals organizations, snail cultivating requires next to no startup and working expenses.

It can be kept running from your patio (on the off chance that you have a sizeable one) or on that real estate parcel squandering without end in your neighborhood or town.

Snails are agreeable to nature and their droppings are not hostile (dissimilar to pigs and poultry) so there's zero chance an irate neighbor will come thumping.

Snails additionally duplicate extremely quick laying up to 100 eggs in one go. Since snails are bisexuals (have both male and female sexual organs), they get the chance to mate effortlessly consistently. This high multiplication rate has made snails an irritation in numerous areas of the world.

In any case, it's this quick regenerative capacity that makes these ease back animals an enjoyment to a business person. Snails can give significant yields on your underlying speculation on the off chance that you get your work done well and target specialty and rehash clients. (photograph credit:

An intriguing asset for snail cultivating in Africa

1.1 Snail Farming ManualA Practical Guide to Snail Farming: This 78-page direct is unimaginably FREE and contains everything (hypothesis and practice) you'll ever need to begin and prevail in a snail cultivating business. It covers all zones of the subject and even offers tips on the most proficient method to showcase your snails.

Much obliged to the folks at for this superb asset!

On the off chance that you have any involvement around there, we're certain many individuals perusing this would love to gain from you. If it's not too much trouble leave a remark in the area underneath or share this open door with a companion.

Keep in mind, you can discover additionally intriguing examples of overcoming adversity and business openings like this one in the Business thoughts area of Smallstarter.

Snail cultivating in Nigeria

Snail cultivating in Nigeria is thought to be a standout amongst the most lucrative agribusiness you can begin with low capital. However, it is a standout amongst the most dismissed creature raising business in these nations. Snail cultivating gives one of the best chance to profit inside a brief timeframe. Yet, why are Africans not yet completely occupied with this cash making creature raising? The reason is obliviousness.

In Australia and USA, snail cultivating is enormous business, giving chances to numerous agriculturists. In Uk, snails can be seen in numerous general stores and stores. which means it is a major ordeal there. A great many people in Nigeria Ghana still have the trust that snail must be picked in the hedge. The way of life of heading off to the hedge to pick snails in the towns amid drizzling time has been there for ages. Along these lines, it is troublesome for individuals to come to term that snail can really be kept and developed at home.

Much the same as numerous different parts of cultivating in these nations, Africans are yet to find the immense cash making potential in this business and that is the reason we endure in yearning and neediness. We disregard where the cash is and continue seeking after it where it isn't, going from one city to the next searching for one negligible China made products after another to exchange on. Working without end in Europe and America looking for greener fields when our own mainland is as of now green.

What is Snail and How Profitable is Snail Farming?

Land snails has a place with the class of Molluscan, Gastropod. The one famously known as 'Congo Meat' in numerous parts of Africa. Nigeria – Eju, Igbin, and so on… There are such a large number of types of snails yet the sorts we are taking a gander at here are the ones that are reasonable for business Snail Farming in Africa.

In the wake of perusing this article, you will be headed to beginning your own snail cultivating business in simple and basic advances. Also, we are supporting it up with a Practical Snail eBook for the individuals who can manage the cost of it.

Making ₦5,000,000 yearly in snail raising is a done arrangement on the off chance that you do it well and get the entire procedure right.

I will attempt to be as exhaustive as conceivable with this article so you can move in the wake of understanding it. As individuals begins remarking (making inquiries and including what they think about snail cultivating) this data will turn out to be more improved for everybody's advantage.

Which Snail Species is Suitable for Snail Farming?

Achatina_fulica_East_African_snail Achatina fulica - The East African land snail

Achatina Fulica – The East African Snail

1. Achatina Fulica

The East African land snail, or mammoth African land snail, logical name Achatina fulica, is a types of extensive, air-breathing area snail, an earthly pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. It is the littlest in estimate among all the alluring species for raising in Africa.

Achatina fulica has a thin, cone shaped shell, which is twice the length it is wide and contains 7 to 9 whorls when completely developed. The shell is for the most part rosy dark colored in shading with feeble yellowish vertical markings however colouration changes with natural conditions and eating routine. A light espresso shading is normal. Grown-ups of the species may surpass 20cm in shell length yet for the most part normal around 5 to 10cm. The normal weight of the snail is around 32 grams (Cooling 2005).

Snail Farming - Achatina - Giant West African Snail


2. Achatina

Achatina, regular name the goliath Ghana snail, otherwise called the mammoth tiger arrive snail, is a types of substantial, air-breathing area snail, an earthly pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. Monster African land snails are hemraphrodites, meaining they have both the female and male conceptive organs. Two snails are as yet required for rearing, yet they are exceptionally productive reproducers.

Like alternate species in the sort, achatina's shell can achieve a length of 200 mm and a most extreme measurement of 100 mm. They may have between 7-8 whorls and the shell is regularly extensively praise. The body of the creature is silver-darker in shading in spite of the fact that pale skinned person transforms may exist.

Achatina-Achatina is useful for commercialization too, in light of its productivity. This is a result of the volume of eggs it lays on the double. Each achatina lays 300 to 500 eggs at any given moment in grips, three times each year. In this way, on the off chance that you begin a homestead with around 1000 snails, in multi year you would get around 1.5 million snails passing by the quantity of eggs they creates.

Archachatina Marginata

Archachatina Marginata

3. Archachatina Marginata

Archachatina marginata, regular name the mammoth West African snail, is a types of air-breathing tropical land snail, an earthbound pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. They can grow up to 20cm long, and satisfy 10 years.

Among these three species, Achatina is the most alluring for agriculturists since it develops so huge to end up the greatest snail species on the planet. Achatina Achaina has it's birthplace from Nigeria, get to Liberia from Nigeria and after that Ghana

Another reason is because of it's high return limit. Alternate species are great as well however I will center around Achatina and Archachatina Marginata in this blog entry since, they are anything but difficult to discover in Nigeria.

Having settled on the specie, we should make you through the stride by step how to setup your snail cultivate in a little scale level and begins raising your snail towards reap.

Reasonable Environment for Snail Farming

Snails are effectively got dried out, and wind increment the rate of dampness free in snail which thusly, prompts the dryness of the creature. To keep snails from losing water so rapidly, your snaileries (the snail house) must be situated in condition that is shielded from wind.

A low plain, downhill site encompassed with enough trees is ideal for snail cultivating. You may plant plantains and bananas around your snail ranch to keep the effect of wind.

Kind of Soil For Snail Farming

Snail's real natural surroundings is the dirt, and soil contains a portion of the parts and compound substances that it expected to survive. Be that as it may, not all dirts are appropriate for snail raising. The shell of the snail is chiefly calcium and it get the majority of them from the dirt. Snail additionally lay it's eggs on the dirt and drink water out of the dirt.
Consequently, the appropriate soil for snail cultivating must contain these components. Must be adjusted, not waterlogged, not very dry, and should not be acidic. The most alluring soil for snail is sandy-loamy soil with low water holding limit. Clayey soil and acidic soil must be kept away from.

Getting The Sails For Farming

To fire up a snail cultivate, it is prudent to get snails straightforwardly from the timberland as opposed to purchasing from the market after they have been presented to daylight and have dried out. This is on the grounds that snails drink a ton of water, so are effectively dried out and this worries them, and diminish their richness limit.

The planning snail agriculturist could pick the snails from the shrub with an extremely straightforward method; clear a little segment of land amid stormy season and sprinkle zesty natural products like pineapple, pawpaw, plantain, banana and so on at around 5o'clock at night, when you return there around 7pm or 8pm, you will get snails appropriate for raising. Rehash the strategy until the point that you get enough amount.

Another way could be to get snail eggs littered in the commercial center where it is sold and through a system, check the fruitfulness of the eggs, since some of them more likely than not lost richness because of the presentation to daylight. The eggs are later put inside a compartment containing wet sand and secured with cocoyam leaf. Between 21 to 28 days, the eggs would incubate into infant snails. You begin bolstering them and step by step you raise a snail cultivate."

Developing the Snail House (Snailery)

Snaileries can change from a fix of fence-secured ground, protected from the breeze to a secured enclose on the off chance that you are rearing little scale.

For bigger populace of snails, you can burrowed a trench or make a solid pen with soil profound of around 10 inches, and cover it with screen or wire all around to keep the snails from getting away. Keep in mind that snails can recreate quick and progress toward becoming irritations when their rearing is uncontrolled.

Snails love dull and chilly places, however ensure the mugginess does not drop to levels destructive to the snails. You can utilize new leaves and material that is frequently wet to direct the temperature.

Additionally, the wire is helpful in warding off rats and winds or different predators from eating the snails in your snail cultivate. In any case, beside these greater predators, you ought to be attentive about littler ones like ants and termites. Your development must have these predators as a primary concern.

Snail Food and Feeding

Snails particularly Achatina chiefly bolsters on green leaves and natural products however they can use different scopes of nourishments. Feed your snails leaves, natural products, or even equation from the feed store. Beside sustenance to develop tissues, snails require calcium to develop shells.

Leaves: Cocoyam leaves, pawpaw leaves, okra leaves, cassava leaves, eggplant leaves, cabbage and lettuce clears out.

Organic products: Mango, eggplant, pawpaw, banana, tomatoes, oil palm natural products, pears. what's more, cucumber.

When they begin developing, isolate the enormous ones from the little ones. It take over multi year for the Achatina compose to develop to gather estimate. Others develop in two years.

One hundred thousand snails following multi year or two sold at the rate of N50 each (profoundly decreased cost) will give you about N5 million! Isn't that a decent speculation?

Gathering the Snail

It isn't monetarily savvy to gather your snails previously it's development, it must be developed before collecting. To know whether your snails are as of now sufficiently developed, check the overflow of the shell. In the event that it is sufficiently developed, the overflow ought to be thicker and harder than different parts of the shell.

Try not to reap all the developed snails without a moment's delay for the market. It is critical to keep few for rearing and to fill in as base stock for your snail cultivate.

digital book on Snail Farming in Nigeria (Price: ₦10,500)

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2. Snail Farming requires far less capital speculation and in the meantime producing much benefit in an impressive brief timeframe.

3. Snail Farming has bring down dangers contrasted with other animals cultivating, once you can setup your homestead accurately utilizing the strategies in this eBook, you

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wouldn't have any issue going ahead.

4. The interest for snails in the market is higher than the provisions, with the end goal that the market potential is limitless, locally and universally.

5. For all intents and purposes all aspects of snail is of essential use: in sustenance, pharmaceutical, assembling and angling businesses. Nothing is a loss in Snail.

6. Snail cultivating in Nigeria requires little capital and the running expense is low in light of the fact that the feeds are nearby and normal.

7. In the event that you start up with N100,000 you can create as much as five million Naira in multi year at full limit generation.

8. Nigeria atmosphere is truly outstanding for Snail reproducing.

9. You can advantageously win pay a thousand overlay higher than your present gaining and still keep your present employment. I am stating that you can do this on low maintenance since it doesn't require much time.

This eBook contains the entire useful manual for setting up a fruitful snail cultivate in Nigeria.

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