Spending Holidays in Panama City Beach

Close your eyes and think about your fantasy get-away. You're relaxing on a sun-doused sea shore, with your toes in the sand and the sea waves sprinkling out there. What's more, despite the fact that you're full from lunch, you're as of now wandering off in fantasy land about the singed snapper and fish tacos you need to have for supper.

In case you're searching for a warm, tropical get-away, you don't have to disappear to Southeast Asia or the Caribbean! You can discover a cut of heaven directly here in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Certainly, Florida is home to many hotel towns and sugar sand sea shores. In any case, Panama City Beach beats them all, and especially for one reason—scuba plunging!

Known as the "Disaster area Diving Capital" of the South, Panama City Beach is dispersed with plunge locales and fake reefs. It's one of the top jumping goals in the United States, and one of the main urban communities with many submerged ships and scaffolds.

In spite of the fact that your second day of get-away is saved for a seaward jump trip, you could sensibly plunge every day on the off chance that you needed! Most trips last somewhere in the range of four and five hours, which means you could take off toward the beginning of the day and return back to shore without a moment to spare for lunch.

So prepare to get yourself an end of the week loaded with sun, mouth-watering cooking and precious stone, clear waters!

Day 1

Your first day in Panama City Beach is tied in with touring. When you contact down in Florida and look into your inn, it's an ideal opportunity to investigate the zone and get the lay of the land. It may be enticing to hit the sea shore immediately, however don't stress, you'll possess heaps of energy for that later!


Your first stop is at Pier Park, a thrilling excitement focus with energizing shops, cafés, and amusement exercises. What's more, the best part is that it's found right on the shores of Panama City Beach.

With more than 120 stores and brands, Pier Park is a customer's heaven. Regardless of whether you're grabbing an additional jug of sunscreen or getting yourself a pristine bathing suit, Pier Park has everything.

What's more, for clearing, all encompassing perspectives on Panama City Beach, take a restful ride on the transcending SkyWheel! From the highest point of the goliath Ferris wheel, you'll have an unhindered, feathered creatures eye-perspective on the sea and waterfront shoreline.

Wharf Park, Panama City Beach, Florida


After a loosening up morning of shopping, head to Chewie's Kitchen for lunch. Everything from the Chewie Style Cheese Steak to the Loaded Chewtato Chips is produced using scratch with adoration. Indeed, even the tasty serving of mixed greens dressings are made right here in-house!

What's more, in the event that you happen to visit during the end of the week, you can test their early lunch menu, which incorporates breakfast works of art like omelets, egg and cheddar sandwiches, and even a Chewie Cristo – their turn on the heavenly monte cristo sandwich.

With a full, cheerful tummy, you would then be able to stroll to the sandy shores and put in a couple of hours at the sea shore. Absorb your initial barely any beams of the sun, or take a dip in the warm, turquoise waters. It's an ideal opportunity to unwind and have a ton of fun—you're on an extended get-away, all things considered!


When the sun goes down, head back to your lodging to spruce up. At that point, prepare to take off for your first energizing night in Panama City Beach.

There are huge amounts of eateries to browse, however the Saltwater Grill is an incredible decision to test conventional beach front food. Serving new fish, succulent steaks and solid mixed drinks, the Saltwater Grill is the ideal café for a scrumptious supper.

New fish at Saltwater Grill!

And keeping in mind that the nourishment is absolutely marvelous, it's the floor to roof 25,000-gallon aquarium that will make your jaw drop. As the ideal setting for your supper, the aquarium is overflowing with tropical fish and fascinating ocean life to watch.

Be that as it may, make an effort not to thump back such a large number of mojitos. You need to get up brilliant and early tomorrow for an activity stuffed day of plunging!

Day 2

Set your caution early, on the grounds that you'll be going through the early daytime plunging through the unblemished waters of the Gulf Coast. Also, make an effort not to be late; your visit with Diver's Den leaves exactly at 8 am!


As the Diver's Den sanction maneuvers out into the sea, you'll be fitted with a wetsuit, cover and oxygen tank as you wave farewell to the shores out there.

Diving into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you'll see schools of tropical fish, stingrays, and potentially sharks! The profound, blue sea is home to an assortment of bright limestone precipices just as fake reefs. Furthermore, since you're making a plunge the "Disaster area Capital of the South," you won't have any desire to miss the submerged ships and extensions that untruth far below the surface.

Arriving at profundities between 45-80 feet, you'll have the chance to investigate the disaster areas of noteworthy sea tankers, towing boats, and even Navy Class Minesweepers! Swim through the decommissioned USS Accokeek, or creep along the edges of the nineteenth century S.S. Tarpon for striking submerged perspectives.

Furthermore, as you snake through lobbies of the submerged boats, you'll additionally find that the water is overflowing with ocean life. Covered up inside the little niches and crevices of the disaster areas, you'll see sharp lobsters, batfish, and even a couple of fire worms! Simply avoid those folks—they will cause you only torment whenever contacted!

Contingent upon to what extent you need to spend in the water, Diver's Den offers a few tank trips. Also, in case you're searching for something increasingly extraordinary, pick one of their profound seaward sanctions, which brings you down to the normal base at 110 feet.

As you finish up your last plunge of the morning, you'll be reclaimed to shore to tidy up and rest. Also, on the off chance that you need to book another excursion, pull out all the stops! There are such huge numbers of plunge spots around the sea that you'll need to look at them all.


When you come back to shore, you'll presumably be depleted (and starving) in the wake of going through the morning scuba plunging.

Along these lines, get a brisk nibble to eat at Finn's Island Style Grub, a gourmet nourishment truck that serves the absolute best fish tacos in Florida. Or on the other hand attempt their epic quesadillas and sea shore bum burritos, both specially made with just the freshest fixings.

All the scrumptious nourishment at Finn's!

Whatever you pick, you can make the most of your supper from the outside outdoor tables while absorbing the sun.

After such a long morning, you merit a well-earned break, so relax for the remainder of the day! Hit the sea shore, do some shopping, or basically loosen up on the overhang of your lodging.


Following a couple of loosening up hours to yourself, you'll be revived and prepared to hit the town! What's more, ideally, you'll be eager again as well, since Panama City Beach is flooding with cafés taking into account each taste palette.

Like the Runaway Island Beach Bar and Grill. This Panama City Beach staple has prime land directly on the shores of the sea, making it the ideal spot to watch the nightfall. What's more, on the off chance that you haven't gotten your fill of fish yet, Runaway Island serves up everything from flame broiled shrimp and shellfish chowder to burgers and crab cakes.

What's more, to help consume a couple of those additional supper calories, head to Pier Park for an evening time walk. It's quiet to stroll along the manage an account with the city lit up out there and the moon reflecting off the sea. Also, Pier Park is a completely unique vibe when the sun goes down!

Day 3

It's not time to return home yet! In spite of the fact that it's your last day in Panama Beach City, you can even now appreciate a huge amount of energizing exercises before making a beeline for the air terminal. Your last day ought to be spent outside, where you can truly dive into this impressive city!


Start your three day weekend directly by getting a charge out of a flavorful breakfast at Thomas' Donuts and Snack Shop. Arranged right on the sea shore, this café spends significant time in American top choices like franks, pizza and, obviously, doughnuts! Get a couple of your top choices and appreciate the morning sees from their outside deck.

Since you're completely revived take a short roll over to Camp Helen State Park, a beach front cut of heaven directly on the shores of the bay. Investigate one of the recreation center's climbing trails, or lease a kayak or paddleboard for a loosening up morning on the lake. You can even do new and saltwater angling right off the dock!

The sea shores at Camp Helen State Park are likewise worth visiting. Make a trip for a brisk dunk in the sea or post-breakfast snooze on the white, sandy coast. In any case, the recreation center is a great break from the occasionally excessively jam-packed open sea shores in the city!


It's a great opportunity to head once again into the city after a wonderful daytime investigating the wild of the recreation center. Next up: Lunchtime!

Enjoy a work of art, Panama City Beach cooking at Hook'd Pier Bar and Grill. Including an outside porch with dazzling water sees, this easygoing sea shore themed café is known for naturally got fish and bug brew. Here, you can get yourself lobster or shrimp tacos, seared straight scallops, or the catch of the day fish platter.

With the sun going down, you'll need to absorb the most recent couple of hours of your Panama City Beach get-away. Do some very late shopping, go for a stroll along the wharf, or unwind in one of the city's numerous parks.


There's no better method to spend your last night in Panama City Beach than with a campfire! Snatch a couple of companions and head to the shores for a fun night of fire-side s'mores, sea shore games and music.

Interminable Beach Rentals gives comprehensive sea shore bundles to a definitive blaze evening. They convey and set up your gathering with sea shore seats, side tables, loungers, and fire pits. You should simply bring your most loved BBQ dishes and several beverages, and you're all set!

The fire gradually begins to kick the bucket, flagging that it's a great opportunity to bid farewell to your pals and to your awesome get-away. From jumping among the energetic schools of fish to a Ferris wheel ride with clearing perspectives on the Gulf, your activity stuffed excursion was one for the books.

Where to Stay in Panama City Beach

In Panama City Beach, there are huge amounts of inns, motels, and resorts to look over. In any case, for the ideal excursion, you'll need an inn that offers direct sea shore get to, perspectives on the emerald green sea, and open rooms to get some shuteye. What's more, the Wyndham's Tidewater Beach Resort has everything, in addition to additional!

Arranged without anyone else private sea shore, this townhouse resort is the tallest skyscraper in the whole city. Which means regardless of whether you aren't on a high floor, you get the opportunity to appreciate exceptional sea sees from all of the bay confronting rooms.

The perspective on the sea shore from the rooms at the Tidewater

Different pleasantries incorporate an indoor and outside tidal pond pool, wellness focus with a Roman spa, and an on location eatery. However, the best part is that you can't beat the hotel's area. It's only a short stroll from all of Panama City Beach's top attractions, including the energizing Pier Park.

At the Tidewater Beach Resort, you can wake up revived and prepared to investigate everything Panama City Beach brings to the table!

Last Thoughts

Panama City Beach is something beyond a family-fun retreat town. It's a play area brimming with energizing open air experiences, ashore and in the water! Also that you'll eat the absolute freshest and most heavenly fish accessible.

Furthermore, in the event that you need to investigate a standout amongst other scuba plunging goals in the US, at that point there are a huge amount of astonishing spots here to scratch off your pail list. Regardless of whether you're searching for tropical fish or needing to swim through the submerged remnants of naval force ships, Panama City Beach has something for each jumper.

Furthermore, despite the fact that this schedule features the best activities here, it's only a suggested guide! Since in actuality, there's no set in stone approach to travel. For whatever length of time that you have a receptive outlook (and bunches of sunscreen), you'll have no issue discovering experience in Panama City Beach.

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